Negotiate Failures 

“Try try till you succeed” but how far is this veritable. There will be times when no matter how diligently you comply with your errands, the outcome can result into failures. In a life brimmed with challenges, one will surely encounter both success and failure. Baffled in such dilemma, we often fall prey to disappointment, sadness and even depression too.

Even as a student, failures knocks every now and then, be it in the class to beat your competitor or in a game when you lose to the rivalry team. Wining and losing is a repercussion of life. At some moment, one has to deal with either of the two. It pricks every moment to live a life of failure especially when the situation is a “Do or Die” one. However, admitting, bettering and reiterating the alteration is the only prudent discretion.
I have encountered many such failures in my life which has dragged me into a aghast situation. Though my outward appearance seems to be senile yet the only way I surpass them is by becoming bold no matter what the aftermath is. I have realized that instead of pondering over the sullen thoughts about what we have not achieved, we must rather accept that current situation and henceforth move on. We are not always meant to taste victory and not all triumphs are rejoiced. I have acknowledged my failures and made improvisations for the times which will have similar situations. 

Failures are lessons which teaches us our weaknesses. There is no way we can blame a second person for the aberration we make. It is very rightly said that “A bad workmen always blames his tools.” The sole reason for one’s failure is we ourselves which credits to our carelessness, laziness and the lack of will. Once this is realized, one will surely achieve success.


A Turning Point 

The reminiscence of a cherubic friend keeps me mesmerized whenever I plunge into the sweet memories of my childhood.

One of the vivid image of my nonage dates back to 2002 when I had just begun my schooling. As a keen child, I had an urge to know and this was when a dear friend of mine helped me unravel my mind. It was a beautiful bright sunny day with billowy clouds wandering about in the sky. It was then when I asked my dear friend, “How is it that clouds walk in the sky?” and he answered me very simply, “Oh silly! Our orb is round and it revolves and rotated continuously hence giving us impression that the clouds are moving.” It left a huge impression in my mind and henceforth I decided to unveil the mysteries of this world. It indeed played a key role in shaping my future. I focused myself to study and decided to dedicate myself in research work. I had no second thought about it. No matter how arduous challenges I had to face in studying Sciences, I was determined never to revoke from my aspirations.

This is one such memory which I will always cherish and never forget.


Just A Kiss 

Your eyes were alluring,

I was melting down.

Your lips like lilies,

were white and fresh.

Bright as the sunshine and chaste as the moon,

A princess garbed in that perfect noon.

Subtle walks and a peculiar stance,

You left nobody with a chance.

I walked towards you,

To let my priorities out,

You were fascinated and raptured.

So I made it very simple and clear

And let you feel my intense glimmer.

I held your hand and brought you closer 

To put forward my passionate enterpriser.

The earth stood still 

When I felt your velvety lips.

Infused with such purity,

Glued with undying affection

And limed with unrelenting love.

How passive my mind has become

Each moment that I try to overcome

Oh! I was so infatuated with the touch of your lips

But this world just called it a Kiss.


Unity is no longer Strength

A man is his own best friend, a true lover and his own worst enemy. However, when all these entities are in a perfect harmony, the well being of a person is thus depicted. Therefore, one falls into despairing thoughts and resentments when a person becomes incapable of having control over his emotions. This is the point when one draws his roots into the society to find companionship.

The entire existence of human race solely forms its bases on the fact that our ancestors discovered the strength in unity. Thus, colonization lead to civilization and thereby resulting to modernization. Nevertheless, our quest for friendship has never ended. A small acquaintance leads to friendship forming a bond and turning it into love and care. Eventually, the fantasies within us begins to grow. Initially, one fears of losing the person that is so well connected to them but slowly and gradually as the other person becomes too frequent, we begin to have prejudicing thoughts regarding them. The person that was so well attached becomes merely an object of mood. Now the point that strikes here is that, “Is it really just our subconscious mind always craving for more and more or is it truly that they begin to grow grudges between them.” The love which had become symbolic for all others in itself begins to annul. Time has given man the urge to discover all hidden secrets around his vicinity but has never taught him to value his relationships. When we visualize our families, the imagination seems to lose its boundaries but when we realize the actual fact, we seem to be desolate souls.

Since my childhood I have always had these vision of living as one single family. I dreamt of living a perfect life which comprised of understanding,care,love but foremost unity. The reason of such failure points towards the increasing nuclear families today. Everybody wants his own different shares and wishes not to vanquish under any of his elders. The respect and trust have long been forgotten. Pretentious sapiens have formed strong roots in the society. Simple men are fooled, wise men are dominated, brave men have been ignored and perfect man has been chained under subjugation. This sums up why we are losing each other and falling into incompetency and failure in life.


Common Man in Crisis : “Nepalese struggle against the fuel shortage”

In an hour of crisis, be it the destructive earthquake or this fuel shortage, we Nepalese have undergone a lot of burden. However, we have stood strong and faced all problems with a feeling of oneness. Our hopes have kept us going on and this is depicted in all of our faces.

Our daily household chores are substantial but we have managed to survive. If there aren’t LPG, we have descended giving ourselves various ways to live like the traditional chulhos or the modified brickets or the electrical stoves. We have valued the importance of alternative resources too.

We may be unsatisfied with the government not working as expected but we have not given up our daily errands. We can acclimatize in any conditions. Now, as for the public transport, Kathmandu valley has seen many cyclists around from all age groups. Carpooling has also become common amongst many of the families. The Army has issued buses which provides services to the public free of cost! Walking by road has become easier as the pollution in Kathmandu is deteriorating. Isn’t this a good sign. The common man is mending his own ways to struggle for work and meal. However, by any means he is complying with all his duties. Facebook and Twitter has taken this cause to a hype which has made us internationally under limelight. We are not giving up and our enthusiasm is still fresh.



The pillars of one’s country should stand on the basis of unity. This realm of oneness is what truly depicts nationality. Being a responsible citizen of a country, one should not only avail of their rights but at the same time comply with their given duties. Every citizen has his potential and working in a momentum can contribute towards the betterment of one’s country. This is in fact very true that Work is Worship therefore one must never underestimate the efforts they put in.

The concept of alliance shatters away when people start categorizing themselves into the rich and the poor. This leads to failure in equality in division of labor. People that perform only mental-work consider themselves to be superior than those who undergo physical endeavor. Although being a sapient, we in ourselves have such extensive diversification. The varying trend in caste,creed,religion,sect and sex has become the root cause of failure to hold the country’s integrity. The inception of this vague belief begins when we run in accordance to these spurious civil who have well rooted in the society as politicians,bureaucrats,governmental officials,businessmen,bankers and foremost spiritual leaders. We fall prey to such people who manifest inferior complex amongst the people and henceforth maintain their upper hand. In a society it leads to nothing but commotion followed by miseries.

Human race is gifted with the most wonderful thing which is the ability to reason. However, we fail to realize it at the times when our judgements needs to play an important role. We live a life of illusion where our own lives are mastered by doubtful intuitions. One must make a prudent decision when differentiating between wrong and right but should also take in consideration of the others opinion too. The way we think and analyze a condition is very important to see a development in a country. The walk of life is filled with both prosperity as well as hurdles so one must be aware of happenings from their childhood. It is believed that the knowledge and understanding a student imbibes during their childhood will reflect the way they will live their lives later on in the society. This is why every child deserves the Right to Education.

A country that gives equal opportunities to both men and woman and gives proper support to older people; have equality in division of labor and give away inept intuitions will flourish as a systemic civilization. One must respect their Motherland and always safeguard it from both domestic and foreign adversaries. Mass participation of all levels in society where youths,leaders,teachers,governmental as well as private officials who are ready to accede their errands willingly and honestly,maintain an understanding vicinity to live harmoniously and at the same time preserve the relic culture of a country’s past will surely define the true essence of nationalism.

United we stand, divided we fall.


Mother – The Living Goddess

The prodigious ardor in life no doubtably eventuates with the cherubic character of a mother. Inferring the essence of such phenomenal woman, one dives into the depths of genuine emotions.

I eye my mother as a beautiful lady with versatile attributes. For all these years that passed, I have always basked in the warmth of her love. This accumulative affection of hers has really availed me to become a susceptible human being. Moreover I see a reflection of my mother in me. Since I have known her, it astonishes me to see how diligently she works daily concluding all household chores and still spirited to undertake any responsibility further. Truly, the energy she possess is an alluring gift.

I have felt the struggle she has been through in her life. The post-marital stress and the pain she endured in conceiving me touches the most sensitive part of my heart and makes me ponder the strength she possesses. She had always been there with me to share my joys and woes. The acclimatization in her nature has been very successful in paving a path for my future. 

I have had secrets in my life. Coverts that are insignificant in life but I have always opened it out to her, though indirectly many a times. As I have grown, I have turned out to be very obstinate which has made me rebell too sometimes. It leaves me in a remorse state when I fail to value her stature. I admit that I have committed several mistakes and I regret not acting wisely by not following her advice. Overlooking all my fatuites, she has always been the most compassionate and forgiving person and perpetually kept mentoring me.

Every mother in this world deserves to be titled as The Living God. The purity of love that binds us together with our mother is very unique. It is such a relationship that cannot be broken and that is why it is said to never hurt her sentiments. Till her last breath, she nurtures her child with her selfless love. She hides her emotions to make her child strong and knows when they are feeling blue. Those arguments between a mother and her child may always be quite upsetting but the moment you say, “Mom I’m hungry” she will dash off to make your favorite dish. All the credits for who we are today, no doubt goes to our mothers.

However, what do we give her in return for all those years of pain that she withstands-Blame,anger,frustrations,sadness? Even though all she will want is to see her child happy. Therefore, one should genuinely honor their mother who has truly made a house A Home

To seek God is to understand you, Mom.

 In this bewildering walk of life,

the only deific ally you have is

Your Mother.


Traditions Bound Love

Aash – The beginning of a Hope 

My life is an archetype of pandemonium filled up to its brim with aspirations,burdens,guilts,mistakes and heinousness. 

Striding against life’s greatest menace something far too comprehensive ingressed within the realm of my sentience. To many this may be akin to ardency but in my case this is born out of ambrosial adjacency. When such a languished soul hems in such sanctity, one rises from the fool’s paradise and sets for a new lead off. This perception of love has turned me into a very passionate human being.
It must be the most unexpected rendezvous that completely permutates the living of the dyad. It directs me to a bewildered outlook that infact anything on this orb may be ambiguous irrespective of its unveiling. Though one may not fully be able to explore the magical atmosphere in the vicinity as a result of an obstructing fact which is the unwillingness to accept love. In such adversities of time where a person’s life is governed by the struggle for existence, one finds a very soothing way to live by welcoming liaison between the two. 

I live in a place predominated by spurious civil who brag about their aristocracy but are nothing more than cynical people. These people chain one under the realms of misapprehensions and credulity. Religion,caste,creed,sect or colour was the invention of dictator-like people to rule over others and have an upper-hand. It was very easy to manipulate people’s thinking by introducing the fear factor. When nothing around is supporting, the only thing that remains now is Hope. This hope is for a better future where people not only have to behave educated but also prove to be prudent in their acts and way of thinking. The time when right to Freedom and right to Express really holds its true meaning for all the citizen. When people think with their brains and act by their heart. It will be a time when wisdom and emotion flow side by side. As a result, the rummage for happiness will end finally.This is the message of God too “Serve all & Love all“. The purpose of our births into this beautiful world will be satisfied. However, all these seems to be a dream so far but this is what I will always live by. 

It might take a while but how we act now will change the way how our coming generations will bear the situation at their times. Nothing is impossible when you still have the slightest ray of hope. We do not have to worry as for the people that affront love are mere pretense of remnants of their bizarre customs.

I itch for the day when customarily these drawbacks from our traditions vanish away wholly.

Till then Do your bit.