Traditions Bound Love

Aash – The beginning of a Hope 

My life is an archetype of pandemonium filled up to its brim with aspirations,burdens,guilts,mistakes and heinousness. 

Striding against life’s greatest menace something far too comprehensive ingressed within the realm of my sentience. To many this may be akin to ardency but in my case this is born out of ambrosial adjacency. When such a languished soul hems in such sanctity, one rises from the fool’s paradise and sets for a new lead off. This perception of love has turned me into a very passionate human being.
It must be the most unexpected rendezvous that completely permutates the living of the dyad. It directs me to a bewildered outlook that infact anything on this orb may be ambiguous irrespective of its unveiling. Though one may not fully be able to explore the magical atmosphere in the vicinity as a result of an obstructing fact which is the unwillingness to accept love. In such adversities of time where a person’s life is governed by the struggle for existence, one finds a very soothing way to live by welcoming liaison between the two. 

I live in a place predominated by spurious civil who brag about their aristocracy but are nothing more than cynical people. These people chain one under the realms of misapprehensions and credulity. Religion,caste,creed,sect or colour was the invention of dictator-like people to rule over others and have an upper-hand. It was very easy to manipulate people’s thinking by introducing the fear factor. When nothing around is supporting, the only thing that remains now is Hope. This hope is for a better future where people not only have to behave educated but also prove to be prudent in their acts and way of thinking. The time when right to Freedom and right to Express really holds its true meaning for all the citizen. When people think with their brains and act by their heart. It will be a time when wisdom and emotion flow side by side. As a result, the rummage for happiness will end finally.This is the message of God too “Serve all & Love all“. The purpose of our births into this beautiful world will be satisfied. However, all these seems to be a dream so far but this is what I will always live by. 

It might take a while but how we act now will change the way how our coming generations will bear the situation at their times. Nothing is impossible when you still have the slightest ray of hope. We do not have to worry as for the people that affront love are mere pretense of remnants of their bizarre customs.

I itch for the day when customarily these drawbacks from our traditions vanish away wholly.

Till then Do your bit.


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