Mother – The Living Goddess

The prodigious ardor in life no doubtably eventuates with the cherubic character of a mother. Inferring the essence of such phenomenal woman, one dives into the depths of genuine emotions.

I eye my mother as a beautiful lady with versatile attributes. For all these years that passed, I have always basked in the warmth of her love. This accumulative affection of hers has really availed me to become a susceptible human being. Moreover I see a reflection of my mother in me. Since I have known her, it astonishes me to see how diligently she works daily concluding all household chores and still spirited to undertake any responsibility further. Truly, the energy she possess is an alluring gift.

I have felt the struggle she has been through in her life. The post-marital stress and the pain she endured in conceiving me touches the most sensitive part of my heart and makes me ponder the strength she possesses. She had always been there with me to share my joys and woes. The acclimatization in her nature has been very successful in paving a path for my future. 

I have had secrets in my life. Coverts that are insignificant in life but I have always opened it out to her, though indirectly many a times. As I have grown, I have turned out to be very obstinate which has made me rebell too sometimes. It leaves me in a remorse state when I fail to value her stature. I admit that I have committed several mistakes and I regret not acting wisely by not following her advice. Overlooking all my fatuites, she has always been the most compassionate and forgiving person and perpetually kept mentoring me.

Every mother in this world deserves to be titled as The Living God. The purity of love that binds us together with our mother is very unique. It is such a relationship that cannot be broken and that is why it is said to never hurt her sentiments. Till her last breath, she nurtures her child with her selfless love. She hides her emotions to make her child strong and knows when they are feeling blue. Those arguments between a mother and her child may always be quite upsetting but the moment you say, “Mom I’m hungry” she will dash off to make your favorite dish. All the credits for who we are today, no doubt goes to our mothers.

However, what do we give her in return for all those years of pain that she withstands-Blame,anger,frustrations,sadness? Even though all she will want is to see her child happy. Therefore, one should genuinely honor their mother who has truly made a house A Home

To seek God is to understand you, Mom.

 In this bewildering walk of life,

the only deific ally you have is

Your Mother.



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