The pillars of one’s country should stand on the basis of unity. This realm of oneness is what truly depicts nationality. Being a responsible citizen of a country, one should not only avail of their rights but at the same time comply with their given duties. Every citizen has his potential and working in a momentum can contribute towards the betterment of one’s country. This is in fact very true that Work is Worship therefore one must never underestimate the efforts they put in.

The concept of alliance shatters away when people start categorizing themselves into the rich and the poor. This leads to failure in equality in division of labor. People that perform only mental-work consider themselves to be superior than those who undergo physical endeavor. Although being a sapient, we in ourselves have such extensive diversification. The varying trend in caste,creed,religion,sect and sex has become the root cause of failure to hold the country’s integrity. The inception of this vague belief begins when we run in accordance to these spurious civil who have well rooted in the society as politicians,bureaucrats,governmental officials,businessmen,bankers and foremost spiritual leaders. We fall prey to such people who manifest inferior complex amongst the people and henceforth maintain their upper hand. In a society it leads to nothing but commotion followed by miseries.

Human race is gifted with the most wonderful thing which is the ability to reason. However, we fail to realize it at the times when our judgements needs to play an important role. We live a life of illusion where our own lives are mastered by doubtful intuitions. One must make a prudent decision when differentiating between wrong and right but should also take in consideration of the others opinion too. The way we think and analyze a condition is very important to see a development in a country. The walk of life is filled with both prosperity as well as hurdles so one must be aware of happenings from their childhood. It is believed that the knowledge and understanding a student imbibes during their childhood will reflect the way they will live their lives later on in the society. This is why every child deserves the Right to Education.

A country that gives equal opportunities to both men and woman and gives proper support to older people; have equality in division of labor and give away inept intuitions will flourish as a systemic civilization. One must respect their Motherland and always safeguard it from both domestic and foreign adversaries. Mass participation of all levels in society where youths,leaders,teachers,governmental as well as private officials who are ready to accede their errands willingly and honestly,maintain an understanding vicinity to live harmoniously and at the same time preserve the relic culture of a country’s past will surely define the true essence of nationalism.

United we stand, divided we fall.


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