Common Man in Crisis : “Nepalese struggle against the fuel shortage”

In an hour of crisis, be it the destructive earthquake or this fuel shortage, we Nepalese have undergone a lot of burden. However, we have stood strong and faced all problems with a feeling of oneness. Our hopes have kept us going on and this is depicted in all of our faces.

Our daily household chores are substantial but we have managed to survive. If there aren’t LPG, we have descended giving ourselves various ways to live like the traditional chulhos or the modified brickets or the electrical stoves. We have valued the importance of alternative resources too.

We may be unsatisfied with the government not working as expected but we have not given up our daily errands. We can acclimatize in any conditions. Now, as for the public transport, Kathmandu valley has seen many cyclists around from all age groups. Carpooling has also become common amongst many of the families. The Army has issued buses which provides services to the public free of cost! Walking by road has become easier as the pollution in Kathmandu is deteriorating. Isn’t this a good sign. The common man is mending his own ways to struggle for work and meal. However, by any means he is complying with all his duties. Facebook and Twitter has taken this cause to a hype which has made us internationally under limelight. We are not giving up and our enthusiasm is still fresh.


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