Unity is no longer Strength

A man is his own best friend, a true lover and his own worst enemy. However, when all these entities are in a perfect harmony, the well being of a person is thus depicted. Therefore, one falls into despairing thoughts and resentments when a person becomes incapable of having control over his emotions. This is the point when one draws his roots into the society to find companionship.

The entire existence of human race solely forms its bases on the fact that our ancestors discovered the strength in unity. Thus, colonization lead to civilization and thereby resulting to modernization. Nevertheless, our quest for friendship has never ended. A small acquaintance leads to friendship forming a bond and turning it into love and care. Eventually, the fantasies within us begins to grow. Initially, one fears of losing the person that is so well connected to them but slowly and gradually as the other person becomes too frequent, we begin to have prejudicing thoughts regarding them. The person that was so well attached becomes merely an object of mood. Now the point that strikes here is that, “Is it really just our subconscious mind always craving for more and more or is it truly that they begin to grow grudges between them.” The love which had become symbolic for all others in itself begins to annul. Time has given man the urge to discover all hidden secrets around his vicinity but has never taught him to value his relationships. When we visualize our families, the imagination seems to lose its boundaries but when we realize the actual fact, we seem to be desolate souls.

Since my childhood I have always had these vision of living as one single family. I dreamt of living a perfect life which comprised of understanding,care,love but foremost unity. The reason of such failure points towards the increasing nuclear families today. Everybody wants his own different shares and wishes not to vanquish under any of his elders. The respect and trust have long been forgotten. Pretentious sapiens have formed strong roots in the society. Simple men are fooled, wise men are dominated, brave men have been ignored and perfect man has been chained under subjugation. This sums up why we are losing each other and falling into incompetency and failure in life.


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