A Turning Point 

The reminiscence of a cherubic friend keeps me mesmerized whenever I plunge into the sweet memories of my childhood.

One of the vivid image of my nonage dates back to 2002 when I had just begun my schooling. As a keen child, I had an urge to know and this was when a dear friend of mine helped me unravel my mind. It was a beautiful bright sunny day with billowy clouds wandering about in the sky. It was then when I asked my dear friend, “How is it that clouds walk in the sky?” and he answered me very simply, “Oh silly! Our orb is round and it revolves and rotated continuously hence giving us impression that the clouds are moving.” It left a huge impression in my mind and henceforth I decided to unveil the mysteries of this world. It indeed played a key role in shaping my future. I focused myself to study and decided to dedicate myself in research work. I had no second thought about it. No matter how arduous challenges I had to face in studying Sciences, I was determined never to revoke from my aspirations.

This is one such memory which I will always cherish and never forget.


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