Negotiate Failures 

“Try try till you succeed” but how far is this veritable. There will be times when no matter how diligently you comply with your errands, the outcome can result into failures. In a life brimmed with challenges, one will surely encounter both success and failure. Baffled in such dilemma, we often fall prey to disappointment, sadness and even depression too.

Even as a student, failures knocks every now and then, be it in the class to beat your competitor or in a game when you lose to the rivalry team. Wining and losing is a repercussion of life. At some moment, one has to deal with either of the two. It pricks every moment to live a life of failure especially when the situation is a “Do or Die” one. However, admitting, bettering and reiterating the alteration is the only prudent discretion.
I have encountered many such failures in my life which has dragged me into a aghast situation. Though my outward appearance seems to be senile yet the only way I surpass them is by becoming bold no matter what the aftermath is. I have realized that instead of pondering over the sullen thoughts about what we have not achieved, we must rather accept that current situation and henceforth move on. We are not always meant to taste victory and not all triumphs are rejoiced. I have acknowledged my failures and made improvisations for the times which will have similar situations. 

Failures are lessons which teaches us our weaknesses. There is no way we can blame a second person for the aberration we make. It is very rightly said that “A bad workmen always blames his tools.” The sole reason for one’s failure is we ourselves which credits to our carelessness, laziness and the lack of will. Once this is realized, one will surely achieve success.


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